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Dedicated Servers

Yours or ours. Lease or own.

Golden Colorado Internet has recently completed a major upgrade to our incoming and outgoing service directly to the Internet. We can now offer much higher band width and access speeds for people coming in to our hosted sites. We have much more band width than we can possibly use at this point, and this is by design. We are now offering coop situations where you can place your Internet server for E-mail, Web, FTP or any other Internet service directly on our network, and have the Internet access it using our full T1 connection. This means any kind of server that you may have; Macintosh, Windows, UNIX. Prices for keeping your equipment at our offices range from $50 to $300 per month, depending on usage, with full T1 access.

If you have been considering getting a server, we can also help with your purchase of a server. We have co-op leasing opportunities available so that you have a dedicated server for your use for as little as $90 per month. This is a fabulous way to get involved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Internet, without the cost of your own dedicated line.

Each server we provide includes complete access software so that you can manage your own content, FTP access, E-Mail Administration and any other function you decide to maintain on your server.

For more information contact Vincent Hamm of Golden Colorado Internet directly via E-Mail or phone at (303)271-1288 or (800)323-1488.

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