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Full Web Site Service

Your own site, your own name, multiple E-Mail boxes and more.

Located in Golden, Colorado! We believe in maintaining our unique place in the Colorado community by encoraging the use of technology to limit growth. We are extending our other services, and in some cases lowering some of our rates. We have some special offers for new customers who would like Golden Colorado Internet to serve their Web site. This service is designed for people who have never had a Web site before, or for customers who are currently getting their Web service from another provider and would like more personalized service. All services are pre-paid.

These services are available under one, two or three year contracts. All contracts include:

Up to 50 Megabytes of transmissions each month.

Up to 10 Megabytes of Server Storage space for Web Pages, FTP or E-Mail.

3 E-Mail addresses, Webmaster, Info and an individual. Forwarding services are provided.

FTP Site

Two and three year contracts include the following additional services:

Free set up and two year service for your own Domain Name ($95 value). If you already have a domain name we will transfer service to our server and you will receive a $70 discount on your contract.

Fault Tolerance. Your site can be loaded on at least two servers; should one fail the other is still available.

An additonal 5 (five) E-Mail addresses, Postmaster, Hostmaster, TechContact, AdminContact and Billing, to allow you full E-Mail services for your domain.


 Contract Term



Yearly Cost

Monthly Cost

 One Year




 Two Year


$100 (Domain)



 Three Year


$100 (Domain)



Each contract is pre-billed in 6 month increments (ie each 6 months on a three year contract you will be billed $166.50 with your discount). Additional Storage and Transmission Charges may apply.

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