Golden Colorado Internet. Dedicated Services.

Dedicated access allows every computer in your office to access the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more dial up connections, busy signals, etc. You can maintain your own web and E-Mail servers at your site or let us manage that for you while you utilize the Internet to its (and your) full capacity.

Full time access to the Internet can dramatically reduce your Internet costs, provides greatly increased access speeds and allows you to manage your Internet traffic more effectively.

Monthly Bandwidth cost:

Service Types Month to Month 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
56K $300 $285 $270 $240
256 K (1/4 T1) $313 $297 $282 $250
512 K (1/2 T1) $500 $475 $450 $400
768 K (3/4 T1) $688 $654 $620 $550
Full T1 $850 $808 $765 $680
Dedicated $1200 $1,140 $1,080 $960

Additional US West charges will apply. 56K circuits run up to $90 per month. T1 circuits are mileage based and run from $350 per month and are distance sensitive. Hardware costs are approximately $1,500 and can be pro-rated over the first year of service. A one-time installation fee of $500 applies.


For a limited time we are offering two introductory Dedicated Services.

33.6 Shared, dedicated. $175 per month, 1 year contract.

Using a standard phone line you can greatly increase your access to the Internet. This is a shared circuit and we have had success with up to 8 people sharing the line for web and E-Mail access. We do NOT recommend running your own servers on this type of connection (but it IS possible.)

128 K T1 service. $190 per month, 1 year contract.

This is equivalent of a dual channel ISDN line. However, it uses a T1 circuit for connection. This is ideal for a company or individual that needs the higher bandwidth and has a good potential to increase that need. A T1 telco circuit can be quite expensive (see above). For monitary reasons, many people then opt for ISDN or 56K services, however, when you need to upgrade to a T1 you generally have to sign a new contract, wait for the phone company to put in new lines AND pay a new installation fee ($450 to $700).

We are offering this inexpensive T1 service to allow our customers to be able to afford a T1 circuit NOW and save themselves money upgrading their circuit in the future. Upgrading to higher bandwidth, up to full T1, is easy, you call and tell us how much you need and within days you will have it. We change your billing, NO other headaches.

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