Golden Colorado Internet.

Introductory Service

Includes Web Page, E-Mail box, Storage and more.

Introductory Program:

Our "just get started" program is designed for those who expect very little traffic to start with. We bill you $.05 (five cents) for every hit your web site gets each month.

We have another introductory program where we will place approximately three paragraphs of text and one graphic or logo on the Internet as a main home page for your business. The cost of this, if the information is provided to us electronically, is $124 per year. This includes one year of up to 10 megabytes of transmissions per month. A home page like ours, inluding graphic, could be presented over 1 million times each month. Information provided in a non-electronic format will be converted to an electronic format at our regular hourly rate. It is estimated that converting non-electronic information that is provided to us will take 45 minutes.

This package also includes a single E-Mail box for your use through our system. If you already have an E-Mail box, we can forward E-Mail requests from your site to that E-Mail box.

We can provide more extensive web pages that require additional design, programming, etc. For information,click here.

You may wish to more fully define your identity on the Internet through your own Domain Name or through "." dot services. We can provide these services for a minimal cost.

This service also includes 10 MB of storage each month for your Web site.

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