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Domain Registration

Get your individualized name on the net.

Golden Colorado Internet can also help provide your company with a domain name. A domain name is an identifier that differentiates you from your service provider (in this case, and your competitors.

An organization known as the InterNic, manages all of the domain names in the United States for commercial Internet providers and non-profit organizations. You must register your domain with the InterNic in order for it to be valid. The InterNic charges $35 per year to have a domain name. When you first register a domain name, they bill two years in advance for a total of $70. We will take your information and register your domain, IN YOUR NAME, through the InterNic for $25 per domain.

If you do not want to get a full domain at this time, but you do wish to have your company name in your Web address, you may want to take advantage of our "." (dot) services.

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